From the humblest of soups to the fifteen-course tasting menu, all food tells a story. My goal is to help you share that story with your audience, and have them coming back for seconds.

My name is Alanna, and I’m a Toronto-based food stylist, photographer, recipe developer, and writer. Whatever your needs, I’ve got you covered. Interested in working together? Drop me a line at: contact@alannalipson.com.


  • McCormick Canada
  • Club House Canada
  • Thai Kitchen Canada
  • Simply Asia Canada
  • Dr. Oetker
  • Natrel Canada
  • Samuel Adams Brewery
  • Alokozay Tea
  • CBC Kids Moblees show
  • My Spice Box
  • Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water


“Alanna worked with us on a large scale project involving 200 original food photographs for our McCormick Canada client. With a project this big, it was evident that we would need a talented individual who not only had an eye for food styling, but was also organized, thoughtful and capable of self-directed work. Alanna delivered on all fronts and was able to bring this large scale project to completion in a seamless and consistent way. She . . . was a pleasure to work with and, with her passion for food and her eye for detail and composition, I have no doubt that we will continue to see great things from her.”

-Sheree Stephenson, Art Director, Kenna Inc.